Hot Oil Cream

Our hot oil creams are among the best in the market. We combine ingredients that can revive dry and fizzy hair to make it look shinier and healthier.

Our Hot Oil Cream line includes Cocomilk Hot Oil Treatment, Cocomilk Hot Oil Cream Conditioner, Keratin Hot Oil, Watermelon Intensive Hot Oil Treatment, Milk Protein Hot Oil Cream and our best-seller Keratin Hot Oil Cream with Green Tea.

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Hair Spa

Our hair spa products are sought out for its scent and its ability to  restore life to dull hair. These products are proven to make your hair softer, tangle-free and manageable for hair styling. They also add extra sheen to your hair and were specially formulated to prevent hair damage.

Our Hair Spa line includes Avocado Cucumber, Cucumber Melon and Coffee.

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Shampoo & Conditioner

Our shampoo & conditioner products not only soften and beautify your mane but also protects it. They are specially formulated with vitamins and protein that helps improve hair manageability and makes hair feel stronger and radiantly alive.

Our Shampoo & Conditioner line includes Coconut Milk Shampoo, Coconut Milk Conditioner and Natural Haircare Discoveries.

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Satisfied Customers' Reviews

On Cocomilk Hot Oil Cream Conditioner:

"What I love about this product is that relaxing and minty feeling of it on your scalp. It's so relaxing that I sometimes don’t want to wash it off :P. It also smells good too. It does feel soft and tangle free after use."

Keightie C from Manila, Philippines

"I use this as my daily conditioner and I leave it on for around 10-15 minutes while in the shower, then rinse thoroughly after. You can buy it from Watsons for around P200. It’s usually buy one, take one! :) One tub can last you a month or two."

Lia Espina Lopez from Manila, Philippines geekgirlmanila.com